Infrared power emitters - the elegant single-user solution

The perfect solution for setting up individual infrared seats in a sauna or an individually designed IR cabin. With 900 W of power and its flat design, the power emitter blends almost inconspicuously into the sauna wall. The heat source is a glass heating element. The gentle heat is radiated evenly from the entire surface. Power radiators are dust-proof and splash-proof. This allows them to be used after an infusion or soft sauna treatment. IR power emitters can also be used as a stand-alone application, e.g. in a bathroom without a cabin.

The power radiator is a "dark radiator" that produces long-wave IR radiation. Due to its design, it is maintenance-free and has a long service life. In combination with an additional relay box, the sauna and infrared can also be conveniently operated from the cabin room with the Helo Elite control unit.

Full-spectrum IR emitters - fast instead of soft, bright instead of dark

These features probably summarise the performance characteristics of the full-spectrum infrared radiator most comprehensively. It is a bright radiator because the built-in heating resistors produce a warm, orange-coloured light during operation. This produces a high surface temperature, which is why a distance-keeping backrest is absolutely necessary as additional equipment. The full-spectrum radiator produces point heating, so it is ideal for creating individual IR seats in a sauna or an individual infrared cabin. This type of heater is not recommended in combination with a soft sauna.

Full-spectrum heaters offer the complete range of infrared A, B and C waves. In combination with an additional relay box, sauna and infrared can be conveniently operated with the Helo Elite control unit, even in the cabin interior.


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