From the detailed planning to the public attraction in your facility. In addition to natural design, comfort and the feel-good factor, the focus here is also on operational safety, energy efficiency, durability and service-friendliness.

Business sauna concepts for increased customer frequency

Nordic spruce

The untreated Nordic spruce, also known as polar spruce, is a classic with a long tradition. Due to the high density of the wood, the sauna heat can be stored excellently.

POWER SPA - Commercially used facilities

The highlights at a glance

  • Measurement and planning service for an offer without surprises.
  • Precise, individual sauna production, taking into account the current, national or regional safety regulations for commercially used sauna baths.
  • Sauna-suitable materials to meet every design requirement.
  • Energy-efficient sauna technology made in Finland with 100 years of experience.
  • Installation service
  • Control technology for integration in the reception or technical room.
  • Bio Water technology for professional use as soft, bio, herbal or infusion sauna without special and complex control technology.

Individual details - for the customer-optimised sauna system

Infrared seats in the sauna are very popular with users - for more comfort.
All POWER SPA business systems are completely freely configurable - according to customer requirements.


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