The classic hot and dry sauna is not always the best choice. Often one would choose the mildness of a bio sauna or even prefer a soft sauna with plenty of steam and lower temperatures. With the bio water function, Helo now fulfils the wishes of many sauna lovers.

bio water function – already integrated in helo heater models

Helo bio water function

Create different sauna experiences with just one bio water heater.

 Sauna as you wish: hot, dry, warm, humid or in combination. With the helo bio water function, you can adjust it flexibly.

Sauna comfort without limits

Different sauna experiences with only one heater thanks to the integrated bio water function

  • Soft sauna 50-60°C: plenty of steam, longer sauna sessions, bio aroma available
  • Flexi sauna 60-80°C: higher humidity, lower temperature, gentle sauna experience, bio aroma available
  • Hot and dry sauna 80-100°C: high temperature, low humidity, the Finnish sauna experience: traditional and intensive


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