Steam generator CLEO

Our CLEOPATRA steam generators are very easy to combine with different CLEOPATRA controls.

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Choose from the "ONE", "SMART" or "BRAIN" versions. Each version is individually adapted to the respective degree of use.

Control unit CLEOPATRA ONE

A simple control unit for steam volume and time. One is the control unit for the price-conscious customer who is only interested in steam pleasure.


The solution for all possible functions, besides the general settings, you control colour light, sound and with our ultra steam function you have the possibility to intensify your steam volume.

helo steam generators

Experience maximum relaxation thanks to high-quality steam generators from helo.

Create your own oasis of well-being with warm steam and your individual feel-good temperature. Choose between the two steam generators helo "helo home" and "helo pro".

Steam generator helo home

  • Steam generator in power levels 3.4, 4.7, 6, 7.7 kW
  • Simple connection via LAN plug connections
  • Wall mounting via included mounting anchors
  • Connection of the steam pipe at the upper edge of the generator possible in 360° in all directions
  • Internal piping with large passage for insensitive flow
  • 3-stage water level electrodes for trouble-free operation
  • Connection of external devices such as dosing pumps, light etc. directly to the generator
  • Valve for automatic flushing available as accessory
  • Can be operated with either Pure or Elite touch controls


Choose your helo control module yourself

helo pure - the ultra-modern sauna control unit with digital display of lighting, temperature and sauna time.
helo elite - set e.g. weekly schedules or user profiles via an app using your smartphone on the control unit.


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